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Turn-Based RPG Battle


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Specialization - Turn-Based RPG Battle

Combat System, VFX & UI

Fight against monsters using skills and items in a turn-based combat system.

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Tools, Animation & AI

Hatchling is a 3D platformer based on Jak and Daxter. Jump, explore and solve puzzles in a rural landscape to help a hatchling get back to its nest.


SPITE: The Drained Hollows

Combat, Animations & Pathfinding

SPITE: The Drained Hollows is a topdown action game using Diablo III as a reference. The God within the swamps has drained it of its water and corrupted the wildlife. It is up to you to defeat them and bring peace back to the swamps.


The Saga of Embla

Player Movement & Component System

The Saga of Embla is a 2D platformer based on Super Meat Boy. Make your way through the corrupted forest to purify it and save your brother.


Yokai Forest


Yokai Forest is a mobile game based on Lara Croft GO. Take the role of a mystical fox and explore a magical forest filled to the brim with puzzles to solve. Enjoy calm and relaxing gameplay as you get deeper into the forest.


Queen's Revolver

Lead Programmer, Combat & UI

Queen's Revolver is a action-packed 2D shooter, set in a Cyberpunk London. You wield a revolver that can be loaded with varying types of ammunition that all have unique properties. Use your ammunition strategically to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles.


Winter's Grasp

Dynamic Snow Terrain & Combat

Winter's Grasp is an action/survival adventure game about a person thrust into a freezing wolf-infested forest by the city. To return, they must find and restore the bonfires to end the eternal winter.


Tall Child

Game Mechanics, Design & Art

A 2D infinite runner game made in a game jam. You play as a child on the run from an unknown threat. Use your unnaturally stretchy legs to jump through the derelict woods and get as high of a score as you can!

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